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Crypto-Asset Exchange Security Guidelines
Crypto-Asset Exchange Security Guidelines


Peer Review: Hyperledger Fabric 2.0 Security Report
Blockchain/Distributed Ledger
Blockchain improves cloud security by improving data security, specifically the confidentiality (privacy), integrity and availability of data. Depending on the Blockchain solution and technology used you can set the needed security levels for the system as a whole but down to the individual record level as needed. Because cloud computing often involves the outsourcing of trust to a provider (that runs your IT infrastructure, stores your data, etc.) new ways of ensuring data security are needed. Blockchain technologies offer a high degree of customization. You can build fully private, public, and mixed blockchains. You can choose the consensus mechanisms for transaction processing and dispute resolution as well as the governance model so that they fit your needs and regulatory requirements. Additional capabilities such as Smart Contracts and Smart Assets can be added allowing for a rich ecosystem to be developed to support the business needs now, and in future.

What are the security issues with blockchain? Like any complex technology, most Blockchain/DLT systems suffer from new security issues. The CSA currently has a draft listing of almost 200 weaknesses and vulnerabilities in Blockchain technology, many of which are not fully understood or documented at this time. As part of our work we are attempting to classify and publicize these weaknesses and allow other industry efforts (such as CWE, to leverage them. 

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This group investigates relevant use cases, and security implications of blockchain. Currently they are creating a framework and glossary that would help provide guidance and security around: wallets, exchanges, cryptography and more.

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Cloud Security Research for Blockchain

CSA Research crowd-sources the knowledge and expertise of security experts and helps address the challenges and needs they’ve experienced, or seen others experience, within the cybersecurity field. Each publication is vendor-neutral and follows the peer review process outlined in the CSA Research Lifecycle. We recommend getting started by reading the following documents.

Using Blockchain Technology to Secure the Internet of Things

Using Blockchain Technology to Secure the Internet of Things

This paper describes a high-level overview of blockchain technology and outlines a set of architectural patterns that enable blockchain to be used as a technology to secure IoT capabilities. Specific use-case examples of blockchain for IoT security are also explored, although technical implementation of those use cases will vary across companies.

Crypto-Asset Exchange Security Guidelines

Crypto-Asset Exchange Security Guidelines

Experts have identified crypto-asset exchanges as a major pain point of crypto security. Exchanges are platforms that mediate crypto-asset transactions between entities. There are several types of attacks that are successful against exchanges. In this document, we give an overview of these attacks, describe an exchange security reference architecture, and then provide a detailed list of crypto-asset exchange security best practices, administrative controls, and physical controls. 

Blockchain Use Cases v2

Blockchain Use Cases v2

This document builds on the use cases provided in the previous use case paper and introduces ways that blockchain could be used for: cross border payments, voting, land registry, food supply chain, media and entertainment, identity, royalties, and insurance.

DLT Framework for Financial Services Initiative

Distributed ledger technologies introduce a multitude of value propositions for the financial services industry. The pace of innovation is aggressively picking up in use cases pertaining to finance such as digital assets, tokenization and cryptocurrency. However, the security measures are significantly inadequate to support innovation. There is a growing need for increased vigilance and an industry-standard security framework. To address this gap DTCC & CSA have launched an initiative to address the needs of the industrywide DLT Security Framework.
The goal of this framework will be a series of papers addressing specific topics related to blockchain. It is unique from the overall Blockchain working group since it will be focused on issues specific to the financial services industry. 
The CloudSecurityAlliance is currently working on a DLT Security Framework with a number of working groups that include participating from other organizations. The security framework aims to not only provide specific guidance but includes related information such as threat modelling guidance and operational guidance for Blockchain/DLT systems.

Watch this webinar to learn more about the DLT Framework →

Webinars & Resources

LIVE Cyber Attack Simulation: A Crypto Crime in Action

LIVE Cyber Attack Simulation: A Crypto Crime in Action

Crypto mining and cyber crime are at the top of the list for headline-grabbing attacks. Watch a live simulation of hackers bypassing security controls and executing a crypto mining attack. Watch how a security engineer is able to quickly identify the attack, and then learn the tips you can take home to improve your own security posture.

Crypto Conflagration and Securing the Cryptocurrency Ecosystem

Crypto Conflagration and Securing the Cryptocurrency Ecosystem

Not only do cryptocurrencies rely on blockchain for their security, but they also rely on an ecosystem of software that runs exchanges, wallets, smart contracts and more. This software ecosystem, as well as the infrastructure on which it runs are required to be secure. Whether you are a builder, investor, or consumer- this webinar will help you learn how to identify the vulnerable aspects of the software that powers the cryptocurrency ecosystem - and how to avoid them.

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