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Rethinking How We Approach and Implement Security Well
Rethinking How We Approach and Implement Security Well

Rethinking How We Approach and Implement Security Well

Release Date: 05/10/2022

The unprecedented scale enabled by the cloud revolution has come at a cost: an explosive growth in vulnerability, as each SaaS platform and cyber asset added to an environment creates a new attack surface and potential entry point. There has been no corresponding revolution in cybersecurity and IT management, leaving many organizations struggling to detect when a breach happens, let alone prevent one. 

As organizations increase in size, the complexity of their operations grows exponentially, as does the difficulty of successful cyberdefense. We aim to simplify, but reducing complexity can be futile because they often begin with the wrong approach. The journey from chaotic to complex to complicated, and finally to simple, requires rethinking our approach. To find order in the chaos, we must first embrace the complexity, then understand the complexity by:

• Rethinking the Basics for Good Cyber Hygiene
• Gaining Structural Awareness and Situational Awareness 
• Involving People Across the Organization
• Scaling Up 

Revolutionary enterprise architectures can be protected only through equally revolutionary security strategies. That revolution begins with rethinking how we approach and implement security, grow our utilization of structural data, and find new ways to involve the entire organization.

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