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15 Data Security Policies Ignored by Modern Workers

15 Data Security Policies Ignored by Modern Workers

Blog Article Published: 03/09/2016

By Rachel Holdgrafer, Business Content Strategist, Code42

02-29-16_policy_vs_reality_blogIT isn’t the only department stretched thin. In the past 20 years the economy has grown nearly 60 percent. Corporate profits have increased 20 percent. And wages have stagnated for most Americans. The workday goes from 9 to 7 and the U.S. is among a small club of nations that doesn’t require time off. See the trend? Despite data security policies, everybody is working fast and hard in a dangerous, connected world.

At this breakneck speed, IT policies—designed to educate employees and manage risk—are white noise for the modern worker.

Clearly, both parties in this relationship have to change—and clearly, that change won’t be easy. In the meantime, IT can buoy data policies with smart technology that does what employees won’t—like continuously back up laptops to ensure business continuity in the face of anything.

After endpoint backup is in place, IT and modern workers should walk a mile in each other’s shoes as a first step in lessening the gap between policy and real life.

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