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SECtember 2021: Ransomware Isn’t Going Anywhere

SECtember 2021: Ransomware Isn’t Going Anywhere

Blog Article Published: 12/30/2021

Written by Nicole Krenz, Web Marketing Specialist, CSA.

This past September, CSA hosted SECtember 2021, the premier cloud security conference that features the best cloud security minds in the industry. If you missed it in person, we’ve got you covered. In our last recap blog, we discussed the Zero Trust sessions at the event. Now, here are some highlights from SECtember 2021 on Ransomware, a topic that has dominated headlines throughout 2022.

Supply Chain Attacks: The Rise of Ransomware and How to Reduce Your Risk

Ransomware attacks can impact thousands of organizations by targeting a single company. Dan Harms, Third-Party Risk Consulting Manager for OneTrust Vendorpedia, explored ransomware threats and discussed how hackers are using malicious means to upend global supply chains in his SECtember 2021 session.

In recent months, supply chain attacks have wreaked havoc across businesses. Ransomware is defined as a malicious software designed to block access to a computer system until a sum of money is paid. However, some bad actors are taking a Robin Hood approach, looking for a profit and only attacking companies they know can pay the requested amounts. This has the possibility to affect thousands of systems downstream, as authentication to a single system can pose a threat to your vendors, providers, privileged services, etc.

Here are some things to keep in mind while you build defensive practices:

  • Ransomware is a risk even if you aren’t the target. Ransomware attacks have a downstream effect.
  • Implement a third-party risk management lifecycle. Organizations need formalized practices in place that evolve with the risks.
  • Protect the traditional ransomware entry point. Email phishing attacks are the most common entry points.

Watch Dan Harms’ recorded SECtember session here.

Threat Modeling in Today’s Cloud - Ransomware, Supply Chain, and More

Threat modeling is essential for software and systems security. This presentation by Jon-Michael Brook, Principal Security Architect for Starbucks, develops a structured and repeatable approach for modeling threats in order to successfully anticipate and mitigate the latest threats to cloud computing.

As the co-chair of the CSA Top Threats Working Group, Jon-Michael took a deep dive into the Cloud Threat Modeling publication, which applies standard threat modeling methodologies to today’s unique cloud threat landscape. This landscape includes common threats such as ransomware.

The Cloud Threat Modeling document bridges the gap between threat modeling and the cloud with guidance to identify security objectives and develop controls. Within this document, threat modeling cards are provided and can be used by your team for a more gamified approach. Key takeaways include:

  • Baseline threat modeling processes from various best practices
  • The differences between standard threat modeling and cloud threat modeling
  • How to create a cloud threat model from scratch
  • A basic cloud threat model reference
  • What should be included in a detailed security design report
  • Example cloud threat modeling cards

Watch Jon-Michael Brook’s recorded SECtember session here.

Protecting Against the Future of Ransomware

Ransomware is an industry that has become an international conversation. The threat has evolved to become more organized, moving from encrypted data to exfiltration, insider trading, and more. Chris Niggel, Regional CSO of the Americas for Okta, discussed how ransomware has changed and how protection strategies can defend against this threat.

Ransomware will continue to be a major threat to companies and individuals. In 2021 alone, remediation costs, including business downtime, lost orders, and operational costs due to ransomware attacks, grew from $761,106 to $1.85 million. Controlling this will require a global public and private sector partnership.

Here’s how to protect your organization:

  • Identify your critical infrastructure
  • Monitor and protect large datasets
  • Develop API protections
  • Implement identity management for cloud infrastructure

Watch Chris Niggel’s recorded SECtember session here.

Save the date! SECtember 2022 will be taking place at the Meydenbauer Center in Bellevue, WA on Sept. 26-30, 2022. We hope to see you there.

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