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Industry Insights
Cloud Trust Study: Security, Privacy and Reliability in the cloud get high marks with U.S. small to mid-sized businesses
Published: 06/11/2013

Comscore and Microsoft recently commissioned a study to get a pulse on what small to mid-sized businesses (SMB) think about the cloud in terms of security, privacy and reliability.The results tell us that there’s a gap between the perceptions of those not using the cloud, with the real experience...

A Hybrid Approach for Migrating IAM to the Cloud
Published: 06/10/2013

Merritt MaximDirector-Product MarketingCA TechnologiesWe continue to hear about how cloud, mobility and the consumerization of IT has the potential to transform business. However, the ongoing hype around these trends may lead some to believe that these trends require an “all or none” approach. ...

Don’t let a disaster leave your data out in the cold
Published: 06/10/2013

By Andrew Wild, CSO at QualysWhen we see images from natural disasters like Hurricane Sandy of flooded neighborhoods, downed power lines and destroyed homes the first concern, of course, is for the safety of the people. But as a chief security officer I also think about how disasters affect compa...

New York State launches investigation of top insurance companies’ cybersecurity practices. Who’s next?
Published: 06/05/2013

The following blog excerpt on “New York State launches investigation of top insurance companies’ cybersecurity practices. Who’s next?” was written by the external legal counsel of the CSA, Ms. Francoise Gilbert of the IT Law Group. We repost it here with her permission. It can be viewed in its or...

How the “Internet of Things” Will Feed Cloud Computing’s Next Evolution
Published: 06/05/2013

David Canellos, PerspecSys president and CEOWhile the Internet of things is not a new concept (Kevin Ashton first coined the term in 1999 to describe how the Internet is connected to the physical world), it is just now becoming a reality due to some major shifts in technology.According to ABI Res...

Rethink cloud security to get ahead of the risk curve
Published: 06/05/2013

By Kurt Johnson, Courion CorporationEver since the cloud sprung up to the top of every IT discussion, the issue of cloud security was right alongside it. Let’s face it, enterprise security has never been easy, and the rapidly expanding use of software in the cloud has added layers of complexity –...

Cloud Computing Trends: Assessing IT Maturity and Adoption Practices
Published: 05/23/2013

By John Howie, COO, Cloud Security AllianceIn keeping with our CSA mission to promote best practices for providing security assurance, I have a few resources to share that can help organizations understand cloud computing trends and assess their own current IT environment with regard to security,...

Building Trust and Security Through Transparency of Service
Published: 05/21/2013

By David Baker, CSO at OktaWith the growing movement of enterprises to the cloud, it’s more important than ever that service providers demonstrate and prove good security practices to their customers, in good times and in bad. During an incident, how a cloud provider communicates to its customers...

Plugging "Cloud Identity Leaks" - Why Your Business Should Become an Identity Provider
Published: 05/15/2013

By Mark O’Neill VP Innovation – API & Identity Management, Axway (following Vordel acquisition)Most people have used the Facebook, Twitter, or Google Apps buttons located on Websites to log into third party services. This approach is useful within consumer IT as it enables the user to access vari...

Cloud-to-Ground, The Last Frontier?
Published: 05/15/2013

Whilst Cloud-to-Cloud service integration is relatively straight forward, Cloud service to on premise integration presents more challenges for the enterprise architect By Ed King, VP Product Marketing – Axway (following acquisition of Vordel) Cloud-to-Cloud security integration is now a fairly...

Security Check List: An Ounce of Prevention is Better than a Pound of Cure
Published: 04/30/2013

By Wolfgang KandekIt is common belief that buying more robust and expensive security products will offer the best protection from computer-based attacks; that ultimately the expenditure pays off by preventing data theft. According to Gartner, more than $50 billion is spent annually on security in...

Identity Management Plays a Key Role in Mobile Device Management (MDM)
Published: 04/30/2013

By: Dan Dagnall, Chief Technology Strategist, Fischer International IdentityAs BYOD and other mobile device related initiatives take hold, sooner rather than later, identity management will once again be considered as an enforcement mechanism; and rightly it should.Identity and access management ...

How to Adopt the Public Cloud While Attaining Private Cloud Control and Security
Published: 04/26/2013

Earlier this year, McKinsey & Company released an article titled “Protecting information in the cloud,” discussing the increased use of cloud computing by enterprises across several industries and the benefits and risks associated with cloud usage. The article recognizes that many organizations a...

Cloud-Based Identity Management: Best Practices for Rapid End-User Adoption
Published: 04/26/2013

By Glenn Choquette, Director of Product Management, Fischer International Identity.Executive SummaryIdentity Management (IdM) is not new. Yet after all this time on the market, organizations still have mixed results for end-user adoption, as many organizations that rolled-out IdM years ago still ...

How secure is Mobile Device Management anyway?
Published: 04/25/2013

Researchers have successfully breached the Good Technology container. MDM software can only be as secure as the underlying operating system.As the adoption of smartphones and tablets grows exponentially, one of the biggest challenges facing corporate IT organizations is not the threat of losing...

Cloud APIs - the Next Battleground for Denial-of-Service Attacks
Published: 04/13/2013

by Mark O'Neill   In recent months, there have been a number of highly publicized cyberattacks on U.S. banks. These attacks took the form of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, involving enormous amounts of traffic being sent to Internet-facing banking services, rendering them unusable...

Going up? Safety first, then send your data to the cloud
Published: 03/28/2013

By: Joe Sturonas, CTO, PKWAREAs the proliferation of data continues to plague businesses, the pressure is on for companies to migrate away from their physical data centers. Cloud computing is being adopted at a rapid rate because it addresses not only the costs for physical space, but also rising...

How to Harden Your APIs
Published: 03/26/2013

The market for APIs has experienced explosive growth in recent years, yet the major issues that providers still face are protection and hardening of the APIs that they expose to users. In particular, when you are exposing APIs from a cloud based platform, this becomes very difficult to achieve gi...

Three Critical Features That Define an Enterprise-Grade Cloud Service
Published: 03/22/2013

By David Baker, CSO at OktaThe line between enterprise and consumer is fading as employees work from all manner of devices to access the on-premises, cloud and even consumer applications needed to get work done. But it’s important to not confuse enterprise and consumer services from a security st...

The Shrinking Security Model: Micro-perimeters
Published: 03/20/2013

By Ed King, VP Product Marketing – Emerging Technologies, Axway (following acquisition of Vordel)As Cloud and mobile computing make enterprise IT ever more extended, the traditional security model of keeping the bad guys out and allowing only the good guys in no longer works well. While the reac...

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