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[How to] Be Confident Storing Information in the Cloud
Published: 03/29/2011

By Anil Chakravarthy and Deepak MohanOver the past few years, information explosion has inhibited organizations’ ability to effectively secure, manage and recover data. This complexity is only increasing as organizations try to manage the data growth by moving it to the cloud. It’s clear that sto...

Hey, You, Get off of My Cloud
Published: 03/22/2011

By Allen AllisonThe emerging Public Cloud versus Private Cloud debate is not just about which solution is best. It extends to the very definition of cloud. I won’t pretend that my definitions of public cloud and private cloud match everybody elses, but I would like to begin by establishing my po...

Three Cloud-Computing Data Security Risks That Can’t be Overlooked
Published: 03/21/2011

By Slavik Markovich, CTO of SentrigoThe move to Cloud Computing brings with it a number of attributes that require special consideration when it comes to securing data. And since in nearly every organization, their most sensitive data will be stored either directly in a relational database, or u...

Cloud Security: The Identity Factor
Published: 03/10/2011

The Problem with Passwordsby Patrick Harding, CTO, Ping IdentityThe average enterprise employee uses 12 userid/password pairs for accessing the many applications required to perform his or her job (Osterman Research 2009). It is unreasonable to expect anyone to create, regularly change (also a p...

Navigating Cloud Application Security: Myths vs. Realities
Published: 03/08/2011

Chris Wysopal, CTO, VeracodeDevelopers and IT departments are being told they need to move applications to the cloud and are often left on their own to navigate the challenges related to developing and managing the security of applications in those environments. Because no one should have to fly...

Trusted Client to Cloud Access
Published: 03/02/2011

Cloud computing has become an integral part of all IT decision making today across industries and geographies. This market is growing at a rapid pace. By 2014, IDC expects public cloud spending to rise to $29.5 billion growing at 21.6 percent per year. At the same time, Forrester predicts the clo...

And the Thunder Rolls: All the Noise about Cloud and What that Means When Lightning Strikes
Published: 02/23/2011

Disaster Recovery (DR) and Business Continuity Planning (BCP) continue to be driving factors for some organizations looking to move to cloud. Many are looking to manage their Disaster Recovery planning through extensive use of managed cloud services – and for good reasons. These are the most co...

Top Six Security Questions Every CIO Should Ask a Cloud Vendor
Published: 02/23/2011

By Ian Huynh, Vice President of Engineering, Hubspan Cloud computing has become an integrated part of IT strategy for companies in every sector of our economy. By 2012, IDC predicts that IT spending on cloud services will grow almost threefold to $42 billion. So it’s no surprise that decision...

Extend the Enterprise into the Cloud with Single Sign-On to Cloud-Based services
Published: 02/01/2011

by Mark O’Neill, CTO, Vordel In this blog post we examine how Single Sign-On from the enterprise to Cloud-based services is enabled. Single Sign-On is a critical component for any organization wishing to leverage Cloud services. In fact, an organization accessing Cloud-based services without Sing...

Moving to a “Show Me” State – Gaining Control and Visibility in Cloud Services
Published: 01/27/2011

Survey after survey, security and more specifically the lack of control and visibility around what is happening to your information on cloud provider premises, is listed as the number one barrier to cloud adoption.So far, there have been two approaches to solving the problem:1 – The “Trust Me” ap...

Building a Secure Future in the Cloud
Published: 01/27/2011

By Mark BregmanExecutive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, SymantecCloud computing offers clear and powerful benefits to IT organizations of all sizes, but the path to cloud computing – please excuse the pun – is often cloudy.With cloud computing, IT resources can scale almost immediat...

Moving to the Cloud? Take Your Application Security With You
Published: 01/27/2011

By Bill Pennington, Chief Strategy Officer, WhiteHat SecurityCloud computing is becoming a fundamental part of information technology. Nearly every enterprise is evaluating or deploying cloud solutions. Even as business managers turn to the cloud to reduce costs, streamline staff, and increase ef...

Neuroprivilogy: The New Frontier of Cyber Crime
Published: 01/21/2011

By Shlomi Dinoor, vice president, emerging technologies, Cyber-Ark SoftwareIs your Neuroprivilogy vulnerable? The answer is most probably yes, you simply have no clue what Neuroprivilogy is (yet)…The first step of this discussion is defining a fancy term to help educate and describe this new phen...

Will the Cloud Cause the Reemergence of Security Silos?
Published: 01/19/2011

by: Matthew GardinerGenerally in the world silos relate to things that are beneficial, such as silos for grain or corn. However in the world of IT security, silos are very bad. In many forensic investigations application silos turn up as a key culprit that enabled data leakage of one sort or an...

Certifiable in the Cloud
Published: 01/13/2011

Author: Pamela Fusco, VP of Industry Solutions for SolutionaryCloud computing remains as much a mystery to some as it is a part of others’ daily lexicon. I spend a lot of time working with people who have connections to various offices of the U.S. government and I find that regardless of the topi...

Multi-tenancy and bad landlords
Published: 06/13/2010

So there's been a lot of discussion about multi-tenancy recently and what it means for cloud providers and users. To put it simply: multi-tenancy is highly desirable to providers because they can provide a service or a platform (such as WordPress) and cram a kajillion users into it without having...

Backups and security for cloud applications
Published: 06/10/2010

Backups, the thing we all love to hate, and hate to love. Recreating data is rarely cheap, especially if it involves detailed analysis and combination. So we back it up.Take for example this blog, it's based on WordPress; which is about as standard and supported as you can get for a blog. Backing...

Put your chauffeur on the upgrade treadmill
Published: 06/03/2010

I don't know if anyone here remembers the "Billion Dollar Brain" by Len Deighton. One scene that stuck with me is General Midwinter making his minion (a chauffeur or bodyguard, I can't remember which) do his time on the exercise bike for him and asking "how many miles did we bike today?"Wouldn't ...

News roundup for May 28 2010
Published: 05/28/2010

Financial Services Like The Cloud, Provided It's Private - Identity Manager extended to cloud -

Software evaluation 2.0 ?
Published: 05/27/2010

I spend a lot of time evaluating software; for product reviews, to see which versions are vulnerable to various exploits and sometimes just to see if I should be using it. Most often this looks something like: find the software, download it, find the install and configuration documents, walk thro...

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