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The Importance of Standards in the IT Security IndustryKuppinger ColeSeptember 12, 2022
GRU-backed cyberattacks: What they are, how to defend against themSC MagazineSeptember 09, 2022
3 ways to fight cloud sprawlSecurity MagazineSeptember 06, 2022
How Secure Is Microsoft Teams? – UC TodayInferseSeptember 05, 2022
Today's threats, tomorrow's skill sets?TeissAugust 30, 2022
Securing identities in the cloud: two new studies reveal the state of playList23August 29, 2022
Securing identities in the cloud: 2 new studies give us the state of playVenture BeatAugust 29, 2022
Week in review: RCE bug in GitLab patched, phishing PyPI users, Escanor malware in MS Office docs: How vulnerable supply chains threaten cloud securityHelpNet SecurityAugust 28, 2022
Regulatory Implications from 2019 Capital One Hack and Recent Conviction of Former AWS EngineerJD SupraAugust 26, 2022
How DevSecOps Empowers Citizen DevelopersDark ReadingAugust 26, 2022
Zero-Trust: How SOC 2 Compliance Can HelpSecurity BoulevardAugust 23, 2022
Facing the New Security Challenges That Come With CloudDark ReadingAugust 23, 2022
IT Pros Trust Open Frameworks and Clouds Over Third PartiesThe New StackAugust 22, 2022
The use of outdated infrastructure hinders the ability of organizations to protect their employeesNewsDubaiAugust 20, 2022
Cloud-based breaches primarily affected third parties and suppliers in 2021TechxAugust 20, 2022
Organisations struggling to secure new cloud environmentsSecurityBrief AustraliaAugust 19, 2022
Cloud security: Increased concern about risks from partners, suppliersVenture BeatAugust 19, 2022
Companies struggling to secure cloud environmentsNewsDubaiAugust 19, 2022
Survey: 58 Percent of Organizations Say Third Parties and Suppliers Were Target of Cloud-Based BreachSecurity TodayAugust 18, 2022
Cloud attacks on the supply chain are a huge concernSecurity MagazineAugust 18, 2022