Cloud Security Alliance Successfully hosts Cross-Straits Working Level Meeting on Cybersecurity Following Xi-Ma Meeting in Singapore

SINGAPORE – December 1, 2015 - On November 7, 2015, Mr Xi Jinping, President of the People's Republic of China (PRC), and Mr Ma Ying-jeou, President of the Republic of China (ROC/Chinese Taipei), met in Singapore. The Xi-Ma meeting held in Singapore has been one of the most significant events for Cross-Strait relations with a far-reaching impact on East Asia. The meeting writes a new chapter that highlights a legacy of Chinese history.

Presidents Xi Jinping of China and Ma Ying-jeou of Taiwan shook hands and spoke of the historic moment after 66 years of separation and the need to preserve the stable ties of recent years.

Mr. Xi aims to preserve the status quo in which there is no unification, no outright declaration of Taiwan’s formal independence and no military threats. Mr. Ma called for maintaining the current situation and suggested they set aside more difficult issues. He urged the two sides to move ahead with a trade in goods agreement and set up a hotline between their governments. Both sides also agreed to deepen cross-Strait exchanges and cooperation, boost well-being of people on the two sides, make joint efforts for the great rejuvenation of Chinese influence, and enable people on both sides to share the glory of national rejuvenation.

Both officials also stressed on cybersecurity which is the biggest source of friction in the relationship between the countries, and a threat to the global economic system.

It is a significant first step for both governments to join forces in clamping down on commercial espionage in the cyberspace and address the cybersecurity industry as a key developing industry for both countries.

This also identifies cross-border investment as another area where relationships could be improved. Both countries agreed it is “vital” they cooperate on fighting hacking.

Both nations agreed to investigate online malicious activity toward one another that take place within their respective borders “in a manner consistent with their respective national laws and relevant international obligations.”

The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) is honored to host a working level Forum for cross-strait technical discussion and collaboration between China and Taiwan relevant government organizations and leading commercial entities. This inaugural Forum will identify how the organizations in both the countries can shape their businesses and influence global proceeding in the Cybersecurity industry.  It will be an annual fixture at a future CSA Greater China Summit.

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