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CloudBytes webinar series is dedicated to educating the public on all things related to the cloud and next generation IT.

We have two exciting webinars coming up:

Making Trusted Decisions to Use the Cloud: A New Model to Succeed

Presenter: Jeffrey Ritter, External Lecturer, University of Oxford
Date: Jan 14--9:00am PT (5:00 GMT)

You know that every decision to use the Cloud will be challenged, whether by investors, executives, customers, or members of your own team. Behind every challenge is the same question, "Can we trust the decision?" This presentation introduces a new decision model that will transform the confidence you can earn from others that your decisions are to be trusted.

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Emerging Approaches in a Cloud Connected Enterprise: Containers and Microservices

Presenter: Anil Karmel, Co-Founder and CEO of C2 Labs
Date: Jan 28--10:30am PT (6:30 GMT)

Containers such as Docker and CoreOS Rkt deliver incredible capabilities to developers and operators and are powering the DevOps revolution in application development and deployment. Docker in particular has taken industry by storm, resulting in over 400 million downloads and 75,000+ containerized applications in this open source platform. With all this new found power come significant challenges and concerns. Come learn how containers and micro-services work, understand the security challenges with approach, and strategies to address the same.

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