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AI Governance & Compliance in the Industry
AI Governance & Compliance in the Industry

AI Governance & Compliance in the Industry

Open Until: 04/06/2024

Governance and compliance serve as integral components of organizational management, ensuring adherence to regulations, standards, ethical principles, and sustainability principles.

  • Governance: The act or process of governing or overseeing the control and direction of something
  • Compliance: The fact of obeying a particular law or rule or of acting according to an agreement

Governance adopts a top-down approach. Senior management establishes policies, procedures, and frameworks. These directives shape the organization's overarching strategy, risk management protocols, compliance obligations, and decision-making processes. Governance establishes a culture of accountability, transparency, ethical behavior, and sustainability while prioritizing security and privacy measures across the company.

Compliance follows a bottom-up approach. Employees at various levels implement and adhere to the established governance frameworks and regulatory requirements. Compliance focuses on ensuring adherence to laws, regulations, internal policies, and industry standards.

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