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Cloud Incident Response Working Group Charter
Cloud Incident Response Working Group Charter

Cloud Incident Response Working Group Charter

Release Date: 02/14/2021

In today’s connected era, a comprehensive incident response strategy is an integral aspect of any organization aiming to manage and lower their risk profile. Many organizations without a solid incident response plan have been rudely awakened after their first cloud incident encounter. Significant downtime can happen due to numerous reasons, such as a natural disaster, human error, or cyber attacks. A good incident response plan helps to ensure that your organization is well-prepared at all times. There are, however, different considerations when it comes to incident response strategies for cloud-based infrastructure and systems, due in part to the nature of its shared responsibility.

How is incident response different in the cloud?
Migrating systems to the cloud is not a lift-and-shift process – which also applies to the incident response process. Cloud is a different realm altogether, and expectedly, cloud incident response is too. The three key aspects that set cloud incident response apart from traditional incident response processes are governance, visibility, and the shared responsibility of the cloud.

CSA is creating a holistic Cloud Incident Response Framework.
With the abundance of Cloud Incident Response (CIR) standards, frameworks and guidelines available in the industry, CSA aims to provide a holistic and consistent view across widely used frameworks for the user. The aim is to serve as a go-to guide for cloud users to effectively prepare for and manage the aftermath of cloud incidents, along with serving as a transparent and common framework for CSPs to share cloud incident response practices with their customers.
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