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Domain Taxonomies for Cloud Data Governance
Domain Taxonomies for Cloud Data Governance

Domain Taxonomies for Cloud Data Governance

Open Until: 07/07/2023

This is a *preliminary* draft of the next Discussion Paper from the Object Management Group's Cloud Working Group, published for review and feedback. This document is being focused on issues of compliance: managing which data can be placed in the cloud and shared with whom, based on various industry-specific laws and regulations. Expect the paper to undergo significant revisions, additions and/or simplifications before a final draft planned for August 2023.


The primary purpose of this document is to enhance industry comprehension of compliance domains, which encompass contractual artifacts used to support compliance efforts. By delving into the nuanced intricacies of these domains and their associated rules, contributors will achieve a deeper understanding of the compliance landscape and underlying dependencies of data attribution.

Building upon this understanding, the document proposes the collaborative development of an array-based attribute set. These attributes serve as a powerful tool for enabling the compliant release and sharing of information across jurisdictional boundaries. By harmonizing and standardizing these attributes, organizations can ensure seamless interoperability and regulatory compliance, overcoming the challenges posed by diverse compliance requirements and current marking and tagging methodologies.

The document advocates for the expansion of this attribute table to be incorporated into existing vocabulary standards for meta attribution, including prominent frameworks such as OASIS/OAGIS and Dublin Core. This expansion ensures compatibility and consistency across diverse domains.

The document's proposal for industry-wide collaboration in the federation of data marking and tagging standards represents a significant step towards streamlining processes, enhancing compliance practices, and fostering a culture of information sharing and interoperability.

This draft industry standard document drives collaborative efforts in the federation of data marking and tagging standards for use in data governance activities. Its vision of unified standards, interoperability, and harmonized practices paves the way for a future where compliance is not just a regulatory obligation but also a catalyst for innovation and industry-wide progress.

Peer review period has ended.