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CSA Enterprise Architecture Reference Guide v2
CSA Enterprise Architecture Reference Guide v2

CSA Enterprise Architecture Reference Guide v2

The Enterprise Architecture Reference Guide v2 is a companion piece with the EA v2 to CCM v3.0.1 Mapping. The peer review for both documents are intended to be done in parallel. To review the EA v2 to CCM v3.0.1 Mapping, follow this link.

The CSA Enterprise Architecture is a comprehensive approach for the architecture of a secure, identity-aware cloud infrastructure. EAWG leverages four industry standard architecture models: TOGAF, ITIL, SABSA, and Jericho. This approach combines the best of breed architecture paradigms into a comprehensive approach to cloud security. By combining business drivers with security infrastructure, EAWG increases the value proposition of cloud services within an enterprise business model. The CSA Enterprise Architecture was adopted by the National Institute of Standards and Technologies in NIST SP 500-299 and NIST SP 500-292. 

While this document simply compiles the existing architecture definitions, it is needed for upcoming EAWG releases, including a CSA Cloud Controls Matrix (CCM 3.0.1) to EA mapping and a refresh to the Enterprise Architecture itself. 

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