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2022 State of Federal Cloud Security
2022 State of Federal Cloud Security

2022 State of Federal Cloud Security

Release Date: 10/13/2022

The US Federal Government has been headed into the cloud since the introduction of its Cloud First policy in 2011. Since then, a series of executive orders and guidance have followed to ring in a Cloud Smart policy that promotes the use of shared services and focuses resources on benchmark cloud security. Executive Order 14208, “Improving the Nation’s Cybersecurity”, further embraced the virtues of cloud adoption for security capability modernization and set the nation on a quest for the Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA). The NSM-8 “Memorandum on Improving the Cybersecurity of National Security, DoD, and IC Systems” is intended to drive that concept even deeper into the halls of national defense. OMB Memo 22-09 “Moving the U.S. Government Toward Zero Trust Cybersecurity Principles,” is steering Government agencies into the cloud as a means for achieving that ZTA objective. Join Dr. Spina, Cloud Security Capability Area Leader from The MITRE Corp., as she walks us through important industry events, technologies, and practices shaping the state of federal cloud security as seen from an “inside-the-government” Cybersecurity Engineer’s perspective.

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