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Top Cloud Priorities for CxOs
Top Cloud Priorities for CxOs

Top Cloud Priorities for CxOs

Release Date: 05/13/2021

The Top Cloud Priorities for CxOs was created to equip C-level executives with industry guidance to build pragmatic cloud security projects and strategies that accelerate the secure use of cloud and bring added value to the business. Even though the content analysis is catered towards C-level technology owners, the entire C-suite can benefit from these guidelines for integrating and defining corporate level cloud security strategies. 

The twelve priorities covered in this document were selected for further analysis based on popularity and applicable content found within CSA and industry publications. Other topics will continue to be assessed and can be found later in this document. Some of the priorities are explicitly related to security, while in other cases addressing the cloud priority is enabled by implementing the appropriate security strategy.

The twelve priorities covered include:
  1. How do I explain cloud strategy to the board?
  2. How do I reduce IT overhead moving to the cloud?
  3. How do I manage 3rd party cloud security risks?
  4. How do I develop a secure enterprise cloud operating model?
  5. How do I cultivate the skills to support cloud environments?

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