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Webinar: The Ever Changing Paradigm of Trust in the Cloud

Webinar: The Ever Changing Paradigm of Trust in the Cloud

Blog Article Published: 03/12/2019

By CSA Staff

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The CSA closed its 10th annual Summit at RSA on Monday, and the consensus was that the cloud has come to dominate the technology landscape and revolutionize the market, creating a tectonic shift in accepted practice.

The advent of the cloud has been a huge advancement in technology. Today’s need for flexible access has led to an increase in business demand for cloud computing, bringing with it increased security and privacy concerns. How organizations evaluate Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) has become key to providing increased levels of assurance and transparency.

On Thursday, March 14 at 2 pm ET, John DiMaria, Cloud Security Alliance’s Assurance Investigatory Fellow and one of the key innovators in the evolution of CSA STAR, will share his insight on the:

  • current global landscape of cloud computing,
  • ongoing concerns regarding the cloud, and the
  • evolution of efforts to answer to the demand for higher transparency and assurance.

Join John DiMaria as he reviews the efforts being led by CSA to answer this call. You'll walk away with a deeper understanding of how these efforts are aimed at helping organizations optimize processes, reduce costs, and decrease risk while simultaneously meeting the continuing rigorous international demands on cloud services allowing for the highest level of assurance and transparency.

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