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SecurityScorecard Partners with Cloud Security Alliance - Why Continuous Cyber Risk Monitoring Across Industries is Crucial

SecurityScorecard Partners with Cloud Security Alliance - Why Continuous Cyber Risk Monitoring Across Industries is Crucial

Blog Article Published: 11/04/2022

Originally published by SecurityScorecard.

Effectively evaluating risk goes a long way toward improving an organization’s cybersecurity posture. The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) is the world’s leading organization dedicated to defining and raising awareness of best practices to help ensure a secure cloud computing environment. CSA’s partnership with SecurityScorecard will enhance their members’ ability to evaluate their own risk and that of their entire business ecosystem.

The partnership will grant CSA members access to a SecurityScorecard Enterprise License, which will give members the ability to benchmark themselves against the CSA Cloud Controls Matrix (CCM) while they continuously monitor their external cybersecurity posture and that of up to five suppliers, vendors, or competitors. Further, the CSA Consensus Assessment Initiative Questionnaire (CAIQ) is a set of questions used to assess cloud service providers and is available through Atlas. If you're already a CSA member and want to take advantage of your enterprise license, click here. SecurityScorecard uses data-driven, objective, and constantly evolving metrics to accurately assess an organization’s security posture and identify potential weaknesses.

"We are thrilled to partner with CSA, a thought leader driving the adoption of practical and effective controls that account for the dynamic and complex environments that today's businesses operate across,” said SecurityScorecard’s Vice President of Alliances, Alex Rich. “Through this partnership, SecurityScorecard will be delivering the benefits of cyber risk ratings to CSA members, while giving CSA members and SecurityScorecard customers the ability to assess and continuously monitor themselves and their vendors against the controls contained within the CCM framework."

Why continuous cyber risk monitoring matters

An organization’s business ecosystem, including third and fourth parties, is ever-growing. Yet onboarding these new parties rarely includes a cybersecurity assessment that can give you the security implications of the new partnership.

With continuous cyber risk monitoring of vendors and emerging threats, you can gain real-time insight into your third and fourth parties' security posture. This will allow you to significantly improve the response time to incidents or critical vulnerabilities within your entire business ecosystem. It will also improve business decision-making by helping you identify security-aware collaborators.

About SecurityScorecard

SecurityScorecard is the global leader in cybersecurity ratings and the only service with millions of organizations continuously rated. Thousands of organizations leverage our patented rating technology for self-monitoring, third-party risk management, board reporting, and cyber insurance underwriting. But we don’t stop there. Through a customer-centric, solution-based commitment to our partners, we are transforming the digital landscape, building a path toward resilience.

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