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CSA’s PayForward Cloud Security Training Program

CSA’s PayForward Cloud Security Training Program

Blog Article Published: 05/26/2023

Accessible Cloud Security Training for Disadvantaged Individuals

The COVID-19 pandemic and resulting lockdown saw an increase in cloud usage and adoption. Many enterprises pivoted to the cloud to take advantage of its elasticity, scalability, and agility to enhance their time to market. There has always been a worldwide shortage of cybersecurity personnel, but as enterprises moved to the cloud, we saw an even more dire shortage of cloud professionals.

The PayForward Training in Cloud Security was launched to address this critical need worldwide for upskilling in cloud technologies and to create a platform for experts to share knowledge and experience. As a start, CSA has partnered with VVnT Foundation, a provider of skilling programs for underserved people. Through this partnership, we identified two cohorts, each made up of ten individuals based in New Delhi who went through a series of sessions to learn about each domain in CSA’s Security Guidance for Critical Areas of Focus in Cloud Computing v4.0.

The PayForward Program is an effective way for students to gain comprehensive knowledge of cloud security. Each student gets the opportunity to present a domain of Security Guidance to their fellow cohort members. These online sessions are facilitated by qualified CCSK instructors to provide depth and practical experience to their learning. Participation in the program through preparation for their presentation, quizzes, and group discussion is a valuable addition to students’ portfolios and gives them a competitive edge in cloud security.

“This program is a prime example of CSA’s goal to address the shortage of cloud professionals worldwide and upskill individuals in cloud technologies. By providing comprehensive knowledge of cloud security and practical experience through CCSK-qualified facilitators, the PayForward Program not only helps participants enhance their professional development and career prospects, but also positively impacts the industry as a whole, as these students take their new skills to the workforce. I encourage interested organizations and individuals to get involved,” said Jim Reavis, Founder & CEO, CSA.

“Cloud is an essential competency for modern IT Solutions. VVnT Foundation partnered with CSA to provide market-aligned cloud training for the underprivileged to enable them for today's demanding IT Industry. Gaining knowledge about cloud and cloud security gives more assurance for their placements. VVnT Foundation is happy to announce the completion of Cohort-1. It is an important milestone for our students. We congratulate our students. Special thanks and gratitude to the CSA team for partnering and supporting VVnT Foundation in making these highly valued courses accessible to students,” said Parveen Arora, Co-Founder & Director, VVnT Foundation.

At the end of the rigorous program, the cohort will also have the opportunity to take the Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK) exam, complementary of CSA. The CCSK is an internationally recognized certificate in cloud security that provides a cohesive and vendor-neutral understanding of how to secure data in the cloud. Earning the CCSK further enhances participants’ resumes and aids in their professional development and career prospects. Hitherto, two cohorts have completed the program; new cohorts are being formed.

“Initially, attendees found the unfamiliar concepts in the course daunting. Over time, they steadily gained confidence in learning and applying the concepts, and they have accomplished much over the duration of the course. Attendees can walk away after completing the course with greater assurance after gaining new skills that will help them in the job industry and other areas,” added Ramiah Marappan, CCSK Instructor.

Students who pass the CCSK exam have the opportunity to volunteer and mentor students of future cohorts, not only helping others, but also reinforcing their own understanding of the materials.

Get Involved

CSA is looking to partner with:

  • Not-for-profit organizations that work with disadvantaged groups and empower individuals who have limited access/resources to support themselves
  • Organizations and/or individuals interested in providing hands-on experience for the program graduates
  • CCSK-qualified professionals who are able to volunteer their time as facilitators to provide depth and practical experience to the students’ learning

Please contact [email protected] if you're interested in any of these opportunities.

You can learn more about the PayForward Program on the CSA APAC website.

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