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Industry Insights
5 Critical Cybersecurity Updates Forecasted for 2023
Published: 12/23/2022

Originally published by A-LIGN. Written by Tony Bai, Federal Practice Lead, A-LIGN. As cyberattacks become increasingly common in today’s global environment, government agencies are looking at applying minimum cybersecurity guidelines across several new sectors as the year comes to a close. The f...

How Y2Q and the Quantum Threat Differs from Y2K
Published: 12/21/2022

Originally published by Entrust. Written by Samantha Mabey, Entrust. There’s a new term making the rounds: Y2Q. As you might have already guessed, it’s a way of comparing the quantum threat to Y2K. Remember that? Everyone feared computer systems and infrastructures and industries globally would s...

From Dynamite to Quantum Entanglement
Published: 11/15/2022

Originally published by Entrust. Written by Greg Wetmore, Entrust. When you think of “entanglement” what comes to mind? Knotty problems? Sticky situations? If you’re like me…and the committee that awards the Nobel Prize in Physics... you think of all that and quantum mechanics – and the science b...

NIST Post-Quantum Competition: And the Round 3 Finalists Are…
Published: 09/19/2022

Originally published by Entrust here. Written by Samantha Mabey, Entrust. If you’ve been following the NIST Post-Quantum (PQ) Cryptography Competition, then you likely know the round 3 finalist have recently been announced. In the off chance you’re not familiar, here’s a little background: Quant...

Trends in Cybersecurity Breaches
Published: 08/25/2022

The complete blog was originally posted by Alert Logic on July 7, 2022. Written by Antonio Sanchez. You may be used to hearing that cyberattacks are becoming more widespread and destructive every year. Recent world events are underscoring the point. COVID-19 left a lasting mark on our working l...

The Future of Cloud Security | 2022 and Beyond
Published: 07/21/2022

This blog was originally published by Check Point here.Written by Pete Nicoletti, Field CISO - Americas, Check Point Software.What will the future of cloud security look like? The crystal ball is cloudy when looking beyond a few years from now, but we can anticipate near-term trends! There are th...

What is Quantum Computing? Why Should I Be Concerned?
Published: 04/02/2022

Written by the CSA Quantum-Safe Security Working Group What is quantum mechanics? Quantum mechanics/physics is a long-proven physical science that describes actions and properties of very small particles. Everything in the universe works and depends on quantum mechanics. It’s how the world works....

Building Confidence in Quantum-Resistant Algorithms: How much analysis is needed?
Published: 02/25/2021

Written Roberta Faux, Lead Author and Quantum-safe Security Working Group MemberThe CSA Quantum-Safe Security Working Group has produced a new white paper, “Confidence in Post Quantum Algorithms.” This paper attempts to measure the published analysis of post-quantum or quantum-resistant cryptogra...

Can Blockchains Survive the Quantum Computer?
Published: 02/09/2021

Suppose you were asked to rank the most significant innovations in IT over the last few years. What would come to your mind? It is very likely that both blockchain and quantum technologies would come close to the top of your list.Blockchains promise the secure exchange of digital assets (such as ...

The Quantum Threat to Cyber Security — How to Prepare for Risk Mitigation
Published: 09/27/2020

By Dr. Itan Barmes, Cryptography Expert, Deloitte Cyber Risk ServicesA “new” threat in the security landscapeThe cyber security landscape is becoming more complex with the regular introduction of new threat vectors. A cyber threat that is now gaining more attention is the potential ability of a l...

Quantum Bitcoin
Published: 09/19/2020

By Dr. Jonathan Jogenfors, Quantum Bitcoin Inventor, Hacker, Atea Senior Information Security Consultant, CSA Blockchain Cybersecurity and Privacy Best Practices Group AdvisorMoney requires copy protection. If banknotes or coins could be forged, they would hardly be usable in daily life. Blockcha...

Google’s Potential Claim to the Throne of Quantum Supremacy: What Does it Mean for Cybersecurity?
Published: 11/06/2019

By Roberta Faux, Shamik Kacker, Bruno Huttner, John Hooks, Ron F. del Rosario, Ludovic Perret and John Young A mysterious paper A research paper titled “Quantum Supremacy Using a Programmable Superconducting Processor” briefly appeared last September 21, 2019 on NASA’s Technical Report Server (...

Quantum Technology Captures Headlines in the Wall Street Journal
Published: 08/01/2019

By the Quantum-Safe Security Working GroupLast month, we celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. Apollo, which captured the imagination of the whole world, epitomizes the necessity for government involvement in long term, big science projects. What started as a fierce race ...

Will Hybrid Cryptography Protect Us from the Quantum Threat?
Published: 06/17/2019

By Roberta Faux, Director of Advance Cryptography, BlackHorse SolutionsOur new white paper explains the pros and cons of hybrid cryptography. The CSA Quantum-Safe Security Working Group has produced a new primer on hybrid cryptography. This paper, “Mitigating the Quantum Threat with Hybrid Crypto...

What Will Happen If Encryption Used to Protect Data in Corporations Can Be Broken?
Published: 05/23/2019

By Edward Chiu, Emerging Cybersecurity Technologist, Chevron While the development of quantum computers is still at a nascent stage, its potential in solving problems not feasible with classical computers draws interest from many industries. On one hand, Volkswagen is researching using quantum...

What If the Cryptography Underlying the Internet Fell Apart?
Published: 05/23/2018

By Roberta Faux, Director of Research, EnvietaWithout the encryption used to secure passwords for logging in to services like Paypal, Gmail, or Facebook, a user is left vulnerable to attack. Online security is becoming fundamental to life in the 21st century. Once quantum computing is achieved, a...

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