COVID-19 Update

Latest Update: Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Cloud Security Alliance will use this page as a focal point for all news regarding COVID-19 Coronavirus that is relevant to CSA. We encourage everyone to be informed, stay safe and donate time and resources as you are able.

CSA expands online training and offers 20% discounts on courses and CCSK exam with promo code TrainAnywhere

CSA Federal Summit has been moved to June 25 and will be held in person in Washington DC!

CSA EU Summit goes virtual June 9-12.

CSA CloudBytes Connect virtual conference being held May 26-28.

West Michigan Chapter and Varonis teaming up for a Kids' Food Basket challenge for needy families in this time of crisis.

March 25 CSA Tampa Bay chapter event canceled.

Circle Community to discuss related news

CSA is offering each chapter one Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK) token, to be granted to a member impacted by this issue. Please contact your chapter officers for more information.

March 24 CSA Singapore Summit is postponed, more event information here.