Innovating Care Asia Pacific 2016

Innovating Care Asia Pacific 2016

Healthcare is no longer about diagnosing and treating acute illness. The greater cost-effectiveness of prevention offers additional benefits for governments, payers, and care providers.

Wellcare refers to the shift away from traditional models of episodic clinical care delivery towards more pervasive, yet unobtrusive, systems of wellness monitoring and optimisation at home and in everyday life. Existing as well as emerging technologies can enable remote monitoring, ambient sensors, and more efficient care outside of clinics and hospitals. This Wellcare movement coincides with new challenges in changing population demographics, rising costs of care, and new diseases.

This transformation of healthcare does not just apply to developed countries as developing regions can also draw upon and evolve systems, which deliver accessibility and efficiency to improve outcomes and decrease costs. Yet these changes will also test the limits of existing legislation, especially in the areas of policy around privacy, data security, regulations and reimbursement.

The Innovating Care Asia Pacific 2016 (ICAP) conference brings together government leaders, healthcare stakeholders and industry players to share ideas and innovations as healthcare systems in the Asia Pacific region transition from conventional medical and healthcare paradigms towards preventive wellness (Wellcare) models. This will be the forum for the sharing of ideas and lessons on how we can collectively best turn the challenges into opportunities for improving the health of people throughout the region.

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