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The CCSK v5 and Security Guidance v5 are now available!


(Lectures + Labs)

Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge - Plus Course

The CCSK Plus builds on the foundation class with expanded material and offers extensive hands-on activities that reinforce classroom instruction. Students engage in a scenario of bringing a fictional organization securely into the cloud, which gives them the opportunity to apply their knowledge by performing a series of activities that would be required in a real-world environment. Students will come away ready to earn their Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK).
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What's the difference between the CCSK and CCSP?
Justify Your Investment in Cloud Security Training

What are the benefits of CCSK Plus training?

  • Get hands-on experience securing an organization in the cloud.
  • Prepare to earn the widely recognized standard of expertise for cloud security, the Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK).
  • Learn and practice applying the knowledge from all 14 domains of the CSA Security Guidance v4.

CCSK Plus Course - Additional Lab Content

Core Account Security

Learn what to configure in the first 5 minutes of opening a new cloud account and enable security controls such as MFA, basic monitoring, and IAM.

IAM and Monitoring In-Depth

Expand on your work in the first lab and implement more-complex identity management and monitoring. This includes expanding IAM with Attribute Based Access Controls, implementing security alerting, and understanding how to structure enterprise-scale IAM and monitoring.

Network and Instance Security

Create a virtual network (VPC) and implement a baseline security configuration. You will also learn how to securely select and launch a virtual machine (instance), run a vulnerability assessment in the cloud, and connect to the instance.

Encryption and Storage Security

Expand your deployment by adding a storage volume encrypted with a customer managed key. You will also learn how to secure snapshots and other data.

Application Security and Federation

Finish the technical labs by completely building out a 2-tier application and implementing federated identity using OpenID.

Risk and Provider Assessment

Practice using the CSA Cloud Controls Matrix and STAR registry to evaluate risk and select a cloud provider.