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The CCSK v5 and Security Guidance v5 are now available!

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Training, certificates, and educational resources based on CSA’s vendor-neutral research.


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Purchase or redeem CCSK or CCZT exam tokens on the CSA Exams platform, and access the online interface for taking your exams.


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Discover CSA's Knowledge Center, your one-stop online platform for all cloud security training and certificate needs, including self-paced courses and exam bundles for the CCSK and CCZT.



Master the skills to effectively secure data in the cloud and develop a security program that meets international standards. The CCSK covers all 12 domains from the CSA Security Guidance v5, showcasing your expertise in areas such as Zero Trust, DevSecOps, Cloud Telemetry and Security Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and more. Earning the CCSK is the essential first step in preparing for other cloud certifications.



For those who learn best through hands-on exercises, the CCSK Plus covers everything in the regular CCSK course with added labs. During this intensive two-day course, you will learn to apply the knowledge from the lectures as you perform a series of exercises to complete a scenario bringing a fictional organization securely into the cloud.


CCSK Plus Labs

For those who want to learn from the industry's first benchmark for measuring Zero Trust skill sets, the CCZT includes foundational Zero Trust components released by CISA and NIST, innovative work in the Software Defined Perimeter by CSA Research, and guidance from renowned Zero Trust experts such as John Kindervag, Founder of the Zero Trust philosophy.



CSA’s Cloud Infrastructure Security Training provide a high-level introduction on the most critical cloud security topics through virtual self-paced courses. Cloud Infrastructure Security Trainings focus on a specific area of cloud computing and are designed to be succinct, one-hour courses.


Cloud Infrastructure Security

Audit & Compliance

The Certificate of Cloud Auditing Knowledge (CCAK) is the first credential for cloud auditing. Demonstrate your expertise in understanding the essential principles of auditing cloud computing systems by completing this course and certificate.



This comprehensive program is designed to equip individuals with the skills and knowledge required to audit cloud service providers (CSPs) against the STAR Certification scheme. The STAR Certification scheme is an industry-wide initiative that provides a framework for assessing the security and privacy practices of CSPs along with a maturity model that measures the strengths and weaknesses of an organization.


STAR Lead Auditor


Expanding on the basics of the CCSK Plus hands-on training, you will delve deep into practical cloud security and applied DevSecOps for enterprise-scale cloud deployments during this course.


Advanced Cloud Security Practitioner

CSA Knowledge Center

The CSA Knowledge Center is a centralized platform where you can access training based on CSA's vendor-neutral research. Creating an account on the Knowledge Center gives you access to free mini-courses, training and educational tools to help you better understand security in the cloud.

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