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CCSK Preparation Kit

CCSK Study Guide

Download the CCSK Prep-Kit

The CCSK tests an individual's understanding of foundational cloud security topics ranging from architecture, governance, compliance, operations, encryption, virtualization and much more. The preparation kit contains everything you need to study for the CCSK exam and includes:

  • Sample questions
  • A guide to earning your CCSK
  • An outline of the topics covered in the exam
  • Security Guidance
  • Cloud Controls Matrix
  • Link to ENISA’s Risk Recommendations

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About the CCSK

The CCSK exam consists of 60 multiple choice questions selected randomly from our question pool, and must be completed within 90 minutes. Once you are a CCSK holder you are always a CCSK holder, there are no maintenance fees or obligations. That said, cloud security changes rapidly so it is good to keep your understanding of cloud security current.

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