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Published 08/30/2016

Cloud Security Alliance Honors Inaugural Research Fellows

Cloud Security Alliance Honors Inaugural Research Fellows

Prestigious Designation Awarded to Individuals for Extraordinary CSA Research 
Volunteer Accomplishments

The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) today announced the list of inaugural members who are being awarded the CSA Research Fellow designation. The designation is the highest honor and distinction that can be given to a CSA research volunteer who has demonstrated significant contributions to CSA research. The CSA Research Fellowship Program, announced earlier this year, was established to recognize the talented and dedicated efforts of select CSA research volunteers whose work has led to groundbreaking and forward-thinking advancements for the CSA.

“This inaugural group was carefully curated. They represent the tireless effort and some of the best work that research volunteers have made to the success of the CSA,” said J.R. Santos, executive vice president of research, CSA. “Our mission is to raise awareness for cloud computing best practices and to help ensure a secure cloud computing environment. Receiving this highest honor demonstrates how the work of these volunteers has impacted our organization.”

The inaugural CSA Research Fellows, along with a brief summary highlighting some of their contributions, are as follows:

  • Jon-Michael Brook: Co-chair of the Top Threats and Cloud Broker Working Groups. Co-chair and contributor to several additional working groups. Certified Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge+ (CCSK+) trainer and Cloud Controls Matrix (CCM) contributor. Regular speaker and trainer at CSA events.
  • Abhik Chaudhuri: Co-author of ‘Security Guidance for Critical Areas of Focus in Cloud Computing V3’ and ‘Best Practices for Mitigating Risks in Virtualized Environments.’ Contributor to additional reports. Contributing member to the Security as a Service (SecaaS) Working Group, as well as member of several additional working groups.
  • Aradhna Chetal: Contributing member to CSA v2.0 and v3.1, the Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) 1.0 Specification and the Security as a Service and Identity Access Management (IAM) Working Groups. Led the development of the SecaaS Web Security Domain. Served as technical advisor to the Seattle Chapter’s Board of Directors.
  • Wendy Cohen: Co-lead for the SecaaS Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Initiative and contributor across SecaaS categories. Lead author of the Data Loss Prevention as a Service Implementation Guidance. Member of the CSA LA/SoCal Chapter.
  • Sean Cordero: Co-chair of the Cloud Controls Matrix Working Group. Evangelized use of CCM and the CSA Security, Trust and Assurance Registry (STAR) across industry at conferences, webinars and podcasts. Co-led the development of CCM v1.3, v1.4 and v3.0. Recipient of the 2013 Ron Knode Award.
  • John DiMaria: Co-chair of the Open Certification Framework (OCF) and Cloud Trust Protocol (CTP) Working Groups. Key developer and co-author of the CSA STAR certification. Speaker at numerous CSA STAR training events and webinars.
  • Andreas Fuchsberger: Co-chair of the CSA International Standardization Council. CSA liaison to International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). Member of the Open Certification Framework Working Group. Speaker at numerous events, including the 2015 U.S. Congress and the 2013 CSA APAC CISO Forum.
  • Cesare Garlati: Co-founder and co-chair of the Mobile Working Group. Provided critical research for the following papers: Security Guidance for Critical Areas of Mobile Computing and Security Guidance for Early Adopters of the Internet of Things. Represented CSA and the Mobile Working Group on numerous panels and speaking engagements.
  • Eric Hibbard: Co-chair of the CSA International Standardization Council and CSA liaison to International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and IEC. Author of numerous blog posts and speaker at numerous events, including CloudBytes presentations. Reviewer of multiple research projects. Recipient of the 2014 Ron Knode Service Award.
  • Dan Hubbard: Built and defined the original CSA ‘Top Threats’ report. A featured speaker on behalf of the CSA at events and a member of multiple working groups.
  • Junaid Islam: Co-chair and founder of the Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) Working Group. Co-author and chief architect behind the SDP specification. Presenter at several events and SDP trainer at CSA Congress. Founder of the SDP Hack-a-thon at RSA. Recipient of the 2014 Ron Knode Service Award.
  • Bernd Jaeger: Co-chair of the Telecom Working Group. Member of the Virtualization Working Group and founding member of the Incident Management & Forensic Working Group. Lead on the Continuous Monitoring as a Service Initiative. Key contributor on SecaaS, SIEM, and many other CSA research projects. Recipient of the 2012 Ron Knode Service Award.
  • Ryan Ko: Co-founder and chair of the Cloud Vulnerabilities and the CSA Cloud Data Governance Working Groups. Spearheaded the formation of the CSA APAC Education Council and contributed to several key research papers. Subject matter expert representing CSA in the creation of the Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP) certification. Recipient of the 2012 Ron Knode Service Award.
  • Yaron Levi: Co-chair and architect of the Cloud Enterprise Architecture. Contributor to the Consensus Assessments Initiative Questionnaire (CAIQ) v1.0 and Cloud Controls Matrix V1.x. Promoted the CSA as best practice in various cloud projects with various Fortune 500 companies.
  • Laura Lindsey: Member of CSA International Standards Council (ISC). Represented CSA as the Liaison Officer to ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 38 and ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 27, and as editor on ISO/IEC 19086-3. Participant on the Service Level Agreements and Cloud Trust Protocol Working Groups. Represents CSA research in the International Standards space, particularly ISO/IEC JTC 1 and ITU-T.
  • David Lingenfelter: Co-chair of the Mobile Working Group; co-founder of Internet of Things Working Group; contributor to CCM and Subject Matter Expert Advisory Council. President of the CSA Delaware Valley Chapter. Contributor to multiple online publications and speaker on behalf of CSA at third-party events, including InfraGard and ISACA.
  • Daniel Logan: Co-chair of the Enterprise Architecture Working Group. Contributor to the CCM 3.0 to align Enterprise Architecture work with CCM work. Key developer of CSA Enterprise Architecture and the collaboration with the NIST Cloud Security Working Group.
  • Masahiro Morozumi: Member of Cloud Controls Matrix, Internet of Things and Guidance Working Groups. Contributor to ISO27017 mapping to CCM. Managed CSA Japan Summit and Congress and served as Executive Director of the CSA Japan Chapter.
  • Tim Owens: Contributing member of the SecaaS, Mobile and Internet of Things Working Groups. Category lead for Intrusion Management and Continuous Monitoring Working Groups. Contributed and presented on numerous research projects, including SecaaS Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) Implementation Guidance v1 and SecaaS Network Security Implementation Guidance v1.
  • Sreeranga Rajan: Chair and founder of the Big Data Working Group. Lead and co-author of many publications, white papers, and peer reviews including Top Ten Big Data Challenges, 100 Best Practices in Big Data, and What the White House Wants To Do.
  • Henry St. Andre: SME Council co-chair for the past five years; member of several working groups, including Mobile, Service Level Agreement, Big Data, Telecom and Cloud Maturity Model. Lead reviewer of multiple research projects. Recipient of the 2012 Ron Knode Award.
  • Said Tabet: Member of the Cloud Security Alliance International Standardization Council. Co-Chair of the SME Council Cloud Trust Working Group and Cloud Security Service Level Agreement Working Groups. Regular speaker and panelist at industry conferences and international standards meetings; author and editor of book series and articles. Co-author of ‘Practices for Secure Development of Cloud Applications’ and ‘CSA Security Guidance Version 3: Domain 4.’ Recipient of the 2015 Ron Knode Award.

Awarded throughout the year, CSA Research Fellows are confirmed when volunteers provide one reference from a CSA staff member and one from an external member of the information security community. To be eligible for consideration, candidates must have demonstrated material participation in a CSA working group, culminating in a published research artifact. In addition, candidates must have logged 100 hours of cumulative time volunteering in CSA research activities.

Interested individuals can submit their references and hours by filling out the submission form.

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