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Published 04/02/2024

Cloud Security Alliance Artificial Intelligence (AI) Webinar Series Will Address Pivotal Cloud Computing Topics in Leadup to AI Summit at RSA

Cloud Security Alliance Artificial Intelligence (AI) Webinar Series Will Address Pivotal Cloud Computing Topics in Leadup to AI Summit at RSA

Thought-leadership webinars to provide key insights on elevating organizations’ cybersecurity posture

SEATTLEApril 2, 2024 – Throughout the month of April, the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), the world’s leading organization dedicated to defining standards, certifications, and best practices to help ensure a secure cloud computing environment, will host a free, thought-leadership webinar series — the Road to CSA AI Summit at RSAC. Developed by CSA’s Research team, the series will deliver essential tools and guidance to help organizations navigate AI, one of the most critical topics in cloud security today, and pave the way to the CSA AI Summit at RSAC (May 6).

“As organizations embark on their AI journey, it's vital that stakeholders have a holistic understanding of the various AI disciplines and where they are headed, along with pragmatic advice on how to best manage risks and leverage the benefits of generative AI," said Caleb Sima, chair, CSA AI Safety Initiative. "The Road to AI webinars will offer key insights attendees can leverage to elevate AI-based cybersecurity within their organizations."

Designed to help organizations address today’s cloud security priorities, each webinar will feature renowned cybersecurity experts and take a deep dive into provocative topics that examine the critical issues surrounding the adoption of AI.

  • How CISOs Can Leverage AI: A Fireside Conversation with Vanta and CSA (April 3, sponsored by Vanta). This conversation will examine how security leaders should be engaging with the rest of the organization to support their company's AI journey and do so with the right security and privacy practices in mind. Covered topics include: top risks when leveraging AI and how to mitigate them; vendor landscape changes and the expansion of AI in the solutions being used; and practical ways to identify and address the expansion of AI use within organizations.
  • 5 Ways Cybersecurity Leaders Can Leverage GenAI (April 5, sponsored by Lacework). This webinar explores how GenAI can support cybersecurity teams by enabling rapid security investigations, anomaly detection, and faster insight generation and will break down how you can leverage GenAI to: address the cybersecurity skills shortage through rapid onboarding and learning curve flattening; identify outliers and anomalous behavior in cloud data; sift through extensive data and enhance operational efficiency; maintain data security and privacy.
  • Fighting Fire with Fire - Leveraging AI in Cybersecurity (April 10, sponsored by Qualys). Conventional defense mechanisms often fall short with adversaries employing advanced AI methodologies to target cloud assets. In this session, Nayeem Islam, Qualys VP/Product Management, and CSA CEO Jim Reavis delve into the use of cutting-edge AI strategies to counter these evolving threats, offering insights into how AI helps defend against sophisticated attacks.
  • Unleashing Crypto-agility: A Blueprint for Post-Quantum Cryptography (April 12, sponsored by DigiCert). The need for crypto agility has never been more critical as companies grapple with risks posed by advanced technologies, emerging threats like post-quantum cryptography, and the complex web of compliance mandates, management hurdles, and technology transformations. Join this discussion to gain actionable strategies to: reduce IT resource burdens and costs through centralized certificate management; prevent costly business outages and address potential security vulnerabilities; build private and public trust while eliminating human error.
  • Securing Developers by Closing Credential Security Gaps (April 17, sponsored by CyberArk). This webinar will examine the changing cloud landscape and how it's created new circumstances and attack methods for developers—and what to do about it. Attendees will learn about different methods of risk reduction to equip their security teams to protect their organization; how to maintain deployment velocity without sacrificing security with zero standing privileges; and the time, entitlements and approvals (TEA) required for securing a cloud estate.
  • Expert Insights from SentinelOne (April 19, sponsored by SentinelOne). In this webinar, SentinelOne will deliver their unique experience and best practices in managing cloud based assets and systems.
  • De-risking AI: Risk Management Essentials (April 24, sponsored by Coalfire). This session will provide practical guidance and best practices to navigate the complexities of responsible AI adoption. From identifying potential risks to implementing safeguards, attendees will learn how to ensure businesses can embrace AI innovation securely and safely. Key topics include: the evolution of risk management to address the unique risks AI poses; developing and implementing a program for mitigating risks specific to AI; and practical strategies for integrating AI into an existing risk management program.
  • Breaking the Identity Perimeter: An Attacker’s Perspective (April 26, sponsored by Oasis). This presentation delves into the security of non-human identities, exploring the various methods attackers can employ to exploit them in order to breach cloud-based organizations and offers effective strategies to efficiently mitigate these risks.

For those interested in attending the CSA AI Summit at RSAC you must first register for an RSAC pass and apply the code "52ECLOUDSECXP" at the top of the conference pass selection page on RSA’s registration page. This pass will provide access to attend the CSA Summit. CSA members are eligible to save $150 on the full conference registration with the code “52FCDCLOUDSEC.”

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