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Adriano Sverko Headshot

Adriano Sverko

Technical Writer, CSA

Senior tech enthusiast with a career spanning over 30 years in IT. My diverse background in IT applications and infrastructure began with an interest in participating in tech startups, grew up with training international business consultants on ERP and CRM, and matured working with Fortune 500 clients. I have focused on software development, healthcare, and manufacturing. My expertise extends to ITSM/ITIL, tech training and tutoring to adults, writing movie scripts, designing brochures, and editing factual productions.

Currently, as a Tech Writer at CSA, I collaborate to distill cloud security best practices into clear and concise course material. The evolving concepts of STAR and Zero Trust Architecture will keep no secrets from me – with meticulous attention to detail, and a desire to keep learning, I am dedicated to keeping up with CSA’s high standards while vigilantly monitoring emerging trends in the cloud security domain.

Most recently, I have worked for Apple Inc., infusing their product-specific software development documentation repositories and platforms with the things that I learned from their experts. I have also worked with Providence St. Joseph Health, Deloitte, Madison Square Garden, Google and Citrix.