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Ashish Mehta Headshot

Ashish Mehta

Cybersecurity - Sr. Risk Manager & Security Architect

Ashish Mehta has extensive experience in cybersecurity, blockchain, web development, IT management, financial markets, and the energy industry.

He currently serves as Co-Chair of the Blockchain Working Group and is a part of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Quantum-Safe Security Leadership Teams at the Cloud Security Alliance. In that capacity, he is responsible for pushing their multiple research efforts as well as coordinating with multiple industry participants on the cross-pollination of research.

He also serves as an Advisor to the Government of Kerala's Blockchain Initiative. He serves as an advisor to multiple blockchain startups and is a part of technology analyst panels like Dimensional Research, IDG, and Aberdeen. He has served as an IT management and cybersecurity professional for multiple SMEs across UAE, India, and USA for over a decade prior to starting his own cybersecurity consultancy.

He was awarded the Ron Knode Award for Cybersecurity Best Practices at
SecTor, Toronto, Canada in 2017. He is a co-author of books on BPX (SAP) and OCEG RedBook(GRC). He is also an active participant in the research efforts of NIST, ACT-IAC, OWASP, and IEEE. He holds multiple certifications in the fields of IT, cybersecurity, blockchain, and IoT. Has a special research interest in quantum computing and IoT defensive techniques. He has been interviewed by Leading Technology Journals like IoT-Inc and has spoken at multiple global events like Metamorphosis 2020, LF Energy 2020, and Planet Blockchain.

Ashish completed his B.Tech (Hons) in Electrical Engineering and M.Sc in Cryptography with a Minor in Technology Strategy from Columbia Business School, NY.