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Dr. Kai Chen

Dr. Kai Chen is now serving as the Cybersecurity Ecosystem Specialist of Huawei Technologies Co.,Ltd., is responding for Huawei cybersecurity ecosystem development including strategy, policy and partner engagement, etc. He has over 15 years work experience in applied cryptography, information and network security technical research, standard development, policy and regulation fields; published over 20 research papers and delivered speeches in security related conferences and seminars; developed or co-developed over 10 security standards in wireless communication, DRM and trusted computing; led several information security policy and legislation research projects. He co-founded the GCRF(Great China Regional Forum) of TCG(Trusted Computing Group) and served as co-chair of the GCRF from 2008 through 2015 driving the TPM2.0 standard development and industrialization; co-founded the cybersecurity working group in USITO(United State Information Technology Office) and co-chaired the WG from 2007 through 2015 leading the dialogue and collaboration around cybersecurity policy, regulation and standard development in ICT area. Before joint Huawei, he worked for Microsoft, Intel China and Bell Labs Research China, Lucent Technologies. He is the senior member of China Computer Federation and Chinese Association for Cryptologic Research. Kai holds the Bachelor Degree in Management Engineer, Master Degree in Computer Science and Doctor Degree in Cryptography.