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Jacob Kline Headshot

Jacob Kline

Principal Cyber Architecture and Resiliency Engineer at MITRE

Successful exploitation of the United States by ever increasingly sophisticated cyber adversaries continues to accelerate and adversely impact American lives. Jacob Kline’s current pursuit is to maneuver the Department of the Air Force into the adoption of a Zero Trust Architecture, enabling the Warfighter to securely access data anytime and anywhere, and enhancing the DAF’s ability to project power over the adversaries of the United States’ national security interests. His comprehensive experience within the cybersecurity field has taught him that no single strategic approach to cybersecurity is best for every organization but that the unique challenges facing each organization provides opportunity to discover, learn, and adapt technology to enable the mission. His passion as an innovative technologist is to foster a more secure cyberspace, bringing practical, effective, and impactful application of cybersecurity principles to protect our nation from our cyber adversaries.