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John Yeoh Headshot

John Yeoh

Global Vice President of Research, CSA

With over 15 years of experience in research and technology, John excels at executive-level leadership, relationship management, and strategy development. He is a published author, technologist, and researcher with areas of expertise in cybersecurity, cloud computing, information security, and next generation technology (IoT, Big Data, SecaaS, Quantum). John specializes in risk management, third party assessment, GRC, data protection, incident response, and business development within multiple industry sectors, including government. His works and collaborations have been presented in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, SC Magazine, USA today, Information Week, and others.

John has been a driving force behind the development of research within CSA since 2011 and was part of the inception of peer groups for the Internet of Things, Software Defined Perimeter, Security as a Service, and others. As Global Vice President of Research, John will be evolving the scope of CSA
research to explore all areas of cloud and next generation technologies that impact Enterprise IT. He will also continue contributions and involvement in professional organizations such as CSIS, IAPP, ISSA, ISC2, and ISACA. John sits on numerous technology committees in government and industry with the FCC, NIST, ISO, CSA, IEEE, and CIS. His academic studies include Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Southern California, Eastern Washington University, and the University of Washington.