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Ken Huang Headshot

Ken Huang

Chief AI Officer at

Ken Huang is an acclaimed author of 8 books on AI and Web3. He is the Co-Chair of the AI Organizational Responsibility Working Group and AI Control Framework at the Cloud Security Alliance. Additionally, Huang serves as Chief AI Officer of, which provides training and consulting services for Generative AI Security.

In addition, Huang contributed extensively to key initiatives in the space. He is a core contributor to OWASP's Top 10 Risks for LLM Applications and heavily involved in the NIST Generative AI Public Working Group. He also provides feedback on publications like NIST SP 800-226.

Ken published the book "Generative AI Security: Theories and Practices" with Springer which takes a systematic, principle-based approach to securing generative AI systems.

Furthermore, his blog post "Mitigating Security Risks in Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) LLM Applications" stands as one of the most popular on the Cloud Security Alliance website (

Beyond his Springer book on Generative AI Security, Huang also serves as chief editor of the book "Beyond AI: ChatGPT, Web3, and the Business Landscape of Tomorrow." This volume discusses the wide-ranging business impacts of innovations like generative AI and web3.

A sought-after speaker, Ken has shared his insights at renowned global conferences, including those hosted by Davos WEF, ACM, IEEE, and CSA AI Summit, CSA AI Think Tank Day and World Bank. His recent co-authorship of "Blockchain and Web3: Building the Cryptocurrency, Privacy, and Security Foundations of the Metaverse" adds to his reputation, with the book being recognized as one of the must-reads in both 2023 and 2024 by TechTarget.