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Narudom Roongsiriwong Headshot

Narudom Roongsiriwong

Head of Digital Architecture

Narudom ROONGSIRIWONG (SVP, Head of Digital Architecture, Bank of Ayudhya (Krungsri Bank) PCL, Thailand) has been an information security professional for over twenty years with solid technical experience in architecture, data analytics, application development and cloud computing. He has experience in running three security operation centers and the last one operated with in-house AI and Machine Learning. He was a pioneer in setting up the Thailand banking sector CERT. He is also the OWASP Bangkok Chapter Leader.

Narudom ROONGSIRIWONG has been an active member of the APAC Research Advisory Council since 1 Nov 2019, where he has made valuable comments and contributions to the
research proposals and matters put up for discussion. Narudom ROONGSIRIWONG has also been an exco member in the CSA Thailand Chapter.

Narudom ROONGSIRIWONG has been a Co-Chair, Hybrid Cloud Security WG since 2017. He has been the energy driving this initiative. Hitherto the WG has produced 3 research reports on Hybrid Cloud Security. Narudom ROONGSIRIWONG also co-authored a blog article on hybrid cloud security as well as spoke in many APAC and chapter summits to promote the research results. He participated in several panel discussions in APAC & chapter summits.