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Nya Murray Headshot

Nya Murray

CEO of Trac-Car and Verviam IDaaS

Nya is a key contributor to the Zero Trust working group and author of several position papers published by CSA’s Software-Defined Perimeter working group. She is the CEO of Trac-Car and Verviam IDaaS and a senior information and communications technology (ICT) cloud cyber security and identity management consulting architect. Nya consults as a senior multi-cloud security architect to customize Verviam IDaaS for enterprises and has provided architecture consultancy for organizations across Europe, Australia, and the UK. Nya has co-authored several position papers on cloud security and cloud governance with the Object Management Group (OMG) Cloud Working Group. Nya's international experience in enterprise cloud transformation is as an architect for migration/transition of applications to containerized microservices running on hybrid multi-cloud infrastructure, software, network, and storage virtualization.