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Dr. Vrettos Moulos Headshot

Dr. Vrettos Moulos

Dr. Vrettos Moulos is a senior research software engineer in Institute of Communication and Computer Systems in Greece. He holds a PhD in secure microservice architecture patterns from the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA).

He has been a member, for more than 10 years, of software development teams creating mission critical applications (rule-based decision systems, secure microservice architectures, big data analytic frameworks etc.). Having worked in different roles (developer, technical coordinator, team leader and architect) in different EU projects (4caast, DITAS, LeanBigData, SocIoS, CoherentPaaS, Orbit) he knows every detail of the information security lifecycle process. In the aforementioned projects, he has also written numerous industrial and scientific articles, published in various scientific journals. His main research interests lie around core topics in Big Data and secure practices that can simplify the implementation of complex models. Also, he has a particular interest in using both on-premise and cloud resources to enable tailored made solutions for AI applications. He contributes to the Cloud Security Alliance’s Serverless, Application Containers and Microservices, and Cloud Key Management Working Groups.