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Zou Feng Headshot

Zou Feng

Zou has been working in IT for 15+ years with a strong technical background and broad experience in heterogeneous systems and multi-culture environments.
Starting as Communication Engineer at ICBC, the largest bank in China, Zou maintained legacy telecommunication circuits and an IBM mainframe communication controller. During this period, Zou built up their first experience in data security by implementing a cipher machine to encrypt data.
In 1998, Zou joined SGS-CSTC. With the boom of the IT industry around Y2K, Zou became an enthusiastic IT practitioner and has undertaken different roles, including IT support, Support Supervisor, and network administrator. Prior to relocating to Australia, as Regional Network Manager based in Hong Kong, Zou was responsible for overseeing the operation of the Asia Pacific network, managing corporate security infrastructure, and providing technical support for SGS affiliates in 13 counties.