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Anaplan, headquartered in San Francisco, California, provides a business modelling and planning platform in the cloud. The Anaplan Planning Cloud of Applications is built on an adaptive platform that allows you to quickly modify or build your own planning applications.

Anaplan’s applications allow development of multi-dimensional plans at the level of detail the user requests—from corporate strategy to the smallest unit size. The Anaplan real-time modelling and calculation engine can load large volumes of transactional data—instantly accessible for advanced calculations at granular level.

Anaplan’s platform creates a hub for collaborative planning and execution from corporate level plans to the store or account level. Anaplan drives user adoption and engagement by combining self-service power with usability. Anyone, anywhere, anytime can work with Models and plans from any device. Anaplan’s unified platform enables cross-functional planning and brings distributed, on-the-ground experience to corporate plans—delivering top-down, bottoms-up alignment.

Anaplan delivers the application through a software-as-a-service (“SaaS”) model. End users connect to the application using an HTML 5 compliant browser over an encrypted HTTPS session. No software client on a customer’s laptop or server is required. The application is accessed via a compliant browser.

Anaplan is responsible for providing the applications, data security, software development, andunderlying operations.

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Date Listed: June 14, 2016
Last Modified: December 01, 2016.

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