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Axon creates connected technologies for truth in public safety. As a business unit of TASER International, we’re building on a history of innovation in policing. Our hardware and software solutions rival the best of Silicon Valley, but they’re built specifically for law enforcement.

As the sources of digital evidence expand, storage alone isn’t enough to keep track of the body-worn camera videos, photos, audio recordings, and other data that is overwhelming agency servers and systems. is a robust end-to-end solution that allows agencies to not only store all that data, but it also enables new workflows for managing and sharing that data.

Officers and command staff can upload content from Axon and TASER devices or other systems easily, manage it simply with search and retrieval features, and then collaborate effortlessly with prosecutors by using powerful sharing features. When storage needs increase, the cloud-based system allows agencies to scale instantly and cost-effectively.


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Date Listed: September 30, 2015
Last Modified: December 20, 2017.

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