Beijing Beisen Cloud Computing Co., Ltd., founded in 2002, provides the leading cloud platform for talent management. With more than 13 years of experience in helping companies improve their talent management efficiency, Beisen develops our own theory and methodology that we name Talent Success &Talent Creation Framework. We believe that only if a company makes its employees successful in the first place, it can build up a strong supply chain of talents to ensure its own success, and this also makes Beisen’s mission.
Originally focusing on talent assessment business, Beisen has launched the first integrated talent management cloud platform(iTalent) in China since 2010. Our SaaS-based products, including Recruiting Cloud, Assessment Cloud, Performance Cloud, Succession Cloud, Survey Cloud and Core HR Cloud, are served on iTalent, covering all the aspects of talent management.In 2015, we introduced (PaaS) to better meet the customary needs of large enterprises. Today, Beisen has served more than 4500 middle-size or large-size companies, and processed tens of millions of talent data on iTalent. This legacy puts Beisen in a unique position to enable our clients to continuously optimize their talent management decisions by leveraging big data technology.

With a vision of helping companies construct a well-rounded supply chain of talents both internally and externally, so as to ensure their success in their business, Beisen has established our powerful Customer Success System with all Beiseners being part of it.
Headquartered in Beijing, Beisen has kept expanding our footprints throughout China. Now we own12 branches and a network of partners covering 221 cities and areas in China, making it possible for Beisen to serve our clients all over the country.

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