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Since 2006, Conga has been the go-to application provider for Salesforce® users who want to optimize their CRM investment and accelerate their sales cycle. The Conga Suite of products, which includes Composer, the #1 paid for application on the Salesforce AppExchange®, increases the value of the Sales Cloud by simplifying and automating data, documents, contracts, and reporting.

As a Salesforce Platinum Partner with industry-recognized products and support, Conga has rapidly built a base of more than 150,000 users, in 45+ countries, across all industries. 8,000+ global customers, including 41% of the Fortune 100, trust and rely on Conga daily to manage and simplify critical business processes, including leading companies like Hilton Worldwide, Sony, Expedia, Schumacher Group and CBRE.

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Date Listed: November 17, 2016
Last Modified: December 28, 2016.

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