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To Make a Difference in Taiwan with Cloud Technologies

Dynamic Computing Technology Co., Ltd.(DCT) , established in April 2011 and headquartered in Kaohsiung, operates Cloud Service Exchange as well as data center services. The main products and services include (1) Colocation service (2) Bare Metal service (3) Cloud computing service (4) Cloud system integration (5) Bandwidth reselling.

DCT prides for its shortest networking route from Taiwan to Hong Kong, the route that encompasses the submarine cables connecting Tseung Kwan O, Hong Kong, with links to three major China telecoms. DCT also manages a wide range of network that extends its area of on-net network coverage to Southeast Asia and Northeast Asia submarine network.

The DCT IDC is fully compliant with the green design regulations and achieves annual PUE ratings below 1.4. The DCT IDC incorporates CDC(container data center), MDC(modular data center) and precision rooms to administer IaaS like Mt. Snow Cloud and Mt. Jade Cloud and other various demands. We trust the cloud technologies we provide will lead us to become the Cloud platform leader in the enterprise sector and SOHOs in Taiwan, and help us gain a global presence in near future.

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