STAR Registrant Exponential-e Ltd.

The Exponential-e difference is our own enterprise-class Cloud infrastructure and 100GigE Ethernet carrier-class network. We have integrated these technologies to deliver a non-stop compute platform for our clients, supported by true end-to-end SLA – that’s right, from the network all the way through to hosted services.

Virtualisation, remote working, security, data back‐up and business continuity remain high on the agenda for our customers. We believe it is critical that we lead the world with our approach defined by ‘Applied Innovation’ and ‘Dynamic Disruption’ to revolutionise the ICT industry. We have already proven this by launching our ‘CloudNet’ product which is making headlines around the world.

Whether corporate communications networks or private cloud services, our customers are powering their businesses with the technology, service excellence and the know-how we provide.

At Exponential-e, we strive to constantly exceed expectations in innovation and service. And we rarely say no.

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Date Listed: May 15, 2014
Last Modified: July 30, 2014.

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Service supports enterprise identity.

Service supports file sharing.

Service supports a mobile app.

Service performs penetration testing.

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Exponential-e Ltd.

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