STAR Registrant Hyland

For more than 20 years, Hyland, creator of OnBase has been dedicated to meeting organizations’ needs for document and process management.
As OnBase and the OnBase Cloud have evolved through consistent product innovation, they remain focused on automating business processes that depend on documents, content and people to operate more effectively. Hyland is the pioneer of ECM in the cloud. Since 2000, the OnBase Cloud has been empowering more than 600 organizations around the world to better manage the content that surrounds their processes. The OnBase Cloud connects people to the content, data and processes they need to make more informed decisions – without additional infrastructure needs. Employee productivity increases as they spend less time searching for paper and dedicate more time to providing quality service to customers.

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Date Listed: July 03, 2014
Last Modified: July 30, 2014.

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Service supports enterprise identity.

Service supports file sharing.

Service supports a mobile app.

Service performs penetration testing.

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