STAR Registrant Planview

Planview solutions help companies with making smarter strategic decisions about how to best use their resources, no matter what type of work they’re associated with.

Planview Enterprise and Projectplace provides the industry’s most comprehensive approach that supports and unifies:

  • Project collaboration
  • Traditional project management
  • Portfolio planning for agile projects through integrations with leading agile ALM tools, and
  • Enterprise-wide portfolio and resource management.

This gives our customers a real-time view of what their resources are working on across the board, while empowering them to plot out corporate strategy, make the right trade-offs to optimize portfolios, build financial and departmental plans, and execute with confidence. With complete visibility into their resources, their organizations can dynamically respond to change – because change happens to all of us.

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Date Listed: November 12, 2015
Last Modified: March 14, 2017.

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