STAR Registrant, Inc., inc. (“Salesforce”), headquartered in San Francisco, California, is an enterprise
cloud computing company that provides social and mobile cloud services. Controls described in this document only apply to the core Salesforce Services.

The Salesforce Services are branded as,,, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Communities, Chatter, and Analytics Cloud. Salesforce provides services to companies of all sizes via a cloud services model. This collection of application development, deployment, and hosting services allows customers the ability to purchase, use, and customize Salesforce deployed applications, or use platform capabilities to develop their own applications. The Salesforce Services information system includes the environment which is a part of the App Cloud offering, as well as applications built on top of the platform including the Customer Relationships Management (CRM) Application, Chatter, and the supporting Salesforce Services’ infrastructure. provides each customer with the capability to implement business logic with workflow rules, approval processes, and custom code. Customers can store structured data, support Web browsers and mobile devices, integrate their services with other applications, perform their own reporting and analytics, and scale up or down with high availability and security. There are more than 150,000 customers worldwide who use the Salesforce Services for managing their sales, marketing, customer support, and various other business operations.

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Date Listed: March 14, 2016
Last Modified: February 02, 2017.

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