Advanced Wireless Network Company Limited

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Advanced Wireless Network Company Limited

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Advanced Wireless Network

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AIS Enterprise Cloud

AIS Enterprise Cloud is Infrastructure as a service for corporate clients designed specifically to meet the needs of medium to large corporations provided by our AIS cloud experts. AIS offers a complete Cloud Platform with a variety of services, ranging from Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), databases, data processing, backup, Platform as a Service (PaaS) to Applications/ Software as a Service (SaaS). All efficient solutions come with flexibility, agility and cost effectiveness.

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Active as of: March 26, 2020

About Advanced Wireless Network Company Limited

Advanced Wireless Network Company Limited (AWN) is a provider of telecommunications services, telecommunications network and computer systems. The company is licensed by the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC). AWN was founded on September 2nd, 2005 with the current paid up capital of 350 million Baht. AWN is a subsidiary company of Advanced Info Service Public Limited Company or AIS (shareholding of 99.99 percent).

AWN’s business goal is to meet the ever-increasing demands of customers in telecommunications services including providing new services to meet the telecommunications business’ needs. AWN’s main business practice is based on fairness, corporate governance and social responsibility.