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AFI Technologies

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Afi SaaS Backup

Afi SaaS Backup enables full-fidelity data protection for cloud applications. We're the only vendor to backup and restore Office 365 and G Suite document IDs, sharing rights & permissions and we offer full-text-search to assist the recovery. Afi AI engine enable early ransomware attack detection with instant admin email notifications and preemptive backup runs that help to preserve cloud data when ransomware hits. Afi also enables auto-labelling of recovery points to define the last clean snapshot unaffected by attacks, in addition to the immutable cloud-based backup storage. Visit to learn more.

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About AFI Technologies

AFI Technologies (referred to as "") develops a data management platform dedicated to cloud data management, replication, backup, and recovery. The company was founded in 2017 and has offices in Atlanta, GA and Bucharest, Romania. Our two primary products include:

  • Afi SaaS Backup for Office 365
  • Afi SaaS Backup for G Suite

Please visit to learn more.