Alibaba Cloud Computing Ltd.

Registered since: April 23, 2014

Alibaba Cloud Computing Ltd.

Cloud Services by Alibaba Cloud Computing Ltd.

Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud’s cloud computing services, including:

  • Cloud Computing Infrastructure Services (Elastic Compute, Storage Services, Database, Video and CDN, Internet Middleware, Networks, Migration, Maintenance Management)

  • Big Data (Big Data Computing, Big Data Search and Analysis, Big Data Applications, Data Development, Data Visualization)

  • Security (Security Services, Security Management, Data Security, Network Security, Business Security, Application Security, Host Security)

  • Enterprise Applications (Dingtalk, Blockchain, Mobile Cloud, Application Services, Domain Name and Website, Intelligent Customer Service Link, Intelligent Design Service)

  • Artificial Intelligence (Artificial Intelligence Products)

  • Internet of Things (Cloud Service)

  • Developer Service (Developer Platform, Integrated Delivery, Monitoring)

Type: Certification
Active as of: March 11, 2018
STAR Certification v1

About Alibaba Cloud Computing Ltd.

Alibaba Cloud Computing Ltd (Aliyun)’s mission is to build the No.1 Internet data sharing platform. Through independent innovative core cloud computing technologies such as massive distributed storage and computing, Aliyun provides small enterprises, individuals and developers with a variety of cloud computing products and services including Elastic Compute Service (ECS),OpenStorageService(OSS),Relational Database Service(RDS), Open Data Processing Service(ODPS), Open Table Service(OTS), Cloud Security Service and Cloud Monitoring Service. Such high-efficiency cloud products and services can be provided on-demand and allow you access anywhere, anytime, while they offer security advantages.

The way in which Aliyun provides these cloud products and services is firmly based on the Alibaba Group’s years of experience in the E-commerce industry. Security is the primary and key component of Aliyun. The white paper will introduce Aliyun’s cloud security methodologies covering the ten topics of corporate security policies , organizational security, compliance security, data asset management, access control, employee lifecycle, physical security, infrastructure security, systems development and maintenance, disaster recovery and business continuity. The policies, processes and technologies described in this document are subject to the time of publication. Some details will change as products and services are continuously innovated over time.