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Cloud Services by APPMAN CO., LTD.

AgentMate on Chat

AgentMate on Chat consists of three parts 1. Agent Tool. 2. Chat Center System and 3. Agentmate Bot. They combine into a unique solution that enables remote sales, and AI-assisted selling to be done via customers’ favorite chat app. The platform provides a chatbot and machine learning to help automate repetitive tasks and allows agents to focus on giving advice and explaining the products to customers in a way that is currently not possible for bots. By having technology assisting rather than replacing humans, this approach brings the best of both worlds.

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AppMan Co., Ltd. is an Insurtech company founded in 2011 with expertise in software development in both life and non life insurance industry. We created our core product called ‘ AgentMate’ and currently expanding to Software as a Service model which aims for building a comprehensive point of sales platform for distributors such as agency, bancassurance, direct sales and affiliates channels. Our goal is to enhance the digital experience of distributors channels from a prospect to policy delivery. Our team contains numerous veteran software developers who will produce high quality products on mobile application and automated workflow and fully work with high security standards in all processes to ensure that our clients will be served the best.