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Branddocs SL

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All your Secure Digital Transactions in one Platform.
Branddocs is the only Qualified Comprehensive Provider of Trusted Services worldwide with a single platform specifically designed for the identification, signature, custody, notarization, blockchain deposit, and payments of our clients’ digital assets: TrustCloud.
As a qualified supplier we provide our customers with the absolute assurance of security and legal compliance possible in the market through our SaaS technology.

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Active as of: February 04, 2021
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About Branddocs SL

Branddocs is a global company with headquarters in New York and a strong presence in Europe specializing in the orchestration and custody of secure digital transactions including identification, signature, payments, and electronic custody. Major Companies and Public Administrations make up their client portfolio, to whom we contribute, together with our experience and knowledge in digital transformation processes, our unique platform called TrustCloud on which they rely and secure all their transactions. As a Qualified Trusted Service Provider in Europe, we provide our clients with the highest degree of compliance, security and legal compliance in their transactions.